Self-improvement is the most popular New Year’s resolution. About half of people who make resolutions intend to live healthier, lose weight or exercise more. Unfortunately, most of them will fail. Only one in five people stick to a resolution for two years!

Naturally, many factors determine a resolution’s odds of survival. Willpower is crucial to adopting any healthy new habit – anyone who has quit smoking will attest to that. If you have resolved to exercise more, you will not get very far unless you make time in your schedule for running or weightlifting. Purchasing the right workout equipment is also paramount to a healthy resolution’s success. The right fitness gear won’t just make your new hobby possible – it will also help you realize faster results, as well as prevent an injury which would make your rewarding new lifestyle choices impossible.

If you’re unfamiliar with exercise apparel and equipment, then securing the best gear may seem daunting. No worries! Buying what you need for safe and rewarding walking, running or weightlifting is as easy as consulting your friends at Peak Performance Fitness Gear.


New Year’s Resolution: Walk More

If you have resolved to take more walks, you should buy new shoes that are specifically designed for the pastime. Good walking shoes will provide adequate support to your feet’s arches and heels, as well as promote a natural gait which avoids placing unnecessary strain on other parts of your body. Adhering to a new walking regimen becomes a whole lot easier when you don’t suffer from pain in your knees, hips and lower back!

For an example of a good walking shoe, consider the Fresh Foam X 1080v12 by New Balance. The 1080v12 is specifically designed for running, although its midsole foam cushioning also excels at absorbing the shock created during casual walking. It is an extremely comfortable shoe, with a Hypoknit upper that feels just like a second skin. The 1080v12 is also lightweight. A pair of men’s size 13 sneakers weighs only 10.3 ounces, which will help to prevent the fatigue that so often bogs down people who are only just beginning to walk more.

The Hoka Bondi 7 also exemplifies the features you should look for in a walking shoe. Its compression molded EVA midsoles nullify a great deal of impact energy before it can access the wearer’s ankles and knees. Although arguably not ideal for outdoor weather, the Bondi 7’s open mesh uppers do allow feet to breathe more comfortably. The Bondi 7 also features a relatively narrow heel that easily conforms to a wide range of ankle sizes. It is even vegan!


New Year’s Resolution: Run More

Running carries a significantly greater risk of injury than walking, which is why it’s even more important to select the correct sneakers for your one-of-a-kind stride and anatomy. Whichever make and model running shoe you wind up purchasing, it is essential to determine your ideal fit first.

Several shoe stores offer some sort of test to determine which shoes would best support their customer’s feet. Peak Performance Fitness Gear uses the Helix 3D Gait Analysis System by RunDNA, which combines three separate motion capture cameras to capture every single aspect of a runner’s natural stride. In addition to a few basic measurements, the Helix 3D provides us with all the data we need to fully understand how our customer’s feet hit the ground.

Our extensive selection of running shoes by Altra, Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike and Saucony assures our customer the best footwear the first time they visit our store in Sioux City, IA. We may recommend the Brooks Glycerin GTS 20, which features an abnormally large DNA Loft v3 midsole that provides unparalleled resilience, responsiveness and shock-absorption. We may recommend the New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4, which keeps feet comfortably locked in place with zonal support and a uniquely designed asymmetrical tongue. But no matter our recommendation, you can rest assured no other shoe will provide greater protection against fatigue and injury!


New Year’s Resolution: Work Out More

We provide the treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes and other cardio machines Iowans need to elevate their heartbeats without risk of freezing and slipping on ice. But if you want to lift weights, we have you equally well-covered.

Your goals and experience largely determine which kinds of weight equipment you will need. If you are just starting out, then you may not wish to invest very much money in weights – or dedicate very much room in your home to bulky equipment. If that is the case, then we will show you the yoga mat and four or six dumbbells you can use to get surprisingly fast results while you exercise in your living room. But if you have decided to give Arnold himself a run for his money, then we’ll supply you with as many weight plates and weight machines as it takes to develop your shoulder muscles until you have a difficult time walking through standard-sized doors.

No matter your New Year’s resolution, Peak Performance Fitness Gear is standing by to make sure you’re equipped for success. We welcome you to stop by our store in Sioux City, IA today, or contact us if you would like to learn more about our expansive selection of high-quality footwear, exercise equipment and athletic apparel in stock!