What makes a running shoe perfect? Is it its ability to absorb shock before it can resonate through the runner’s foot and up their leg? Is it its ability to help the runner move more comfortably while promoting a more efficient stride? Or is it its comfortable fit, or its high visibility which alerts passing motorists to the runner’s presence, or simply its aesthetics?

No running shoe is perfect without all of these features. That’s why the Glycerin GTS 20 by Brooks is in the running for the best athletic footwear of 2022.

Like Running on a Cloud

The Glycerin GTS 20 showcases Brooks’ proprietary DNA Loft v3. It is the Seattle-based company’s softest cushioning to date, and is made by infusing the midsole’s foam insert with nitrogen until it achieves a state which is neither truly gas nor liquid. In addition to superior shock-absorption, the lightweight DNA Loft v3’s cellular structure boasts exceptional resilience and responsiveness.

A More Efficient Stride

Unlike the Glycerin 20, the Glycerin GTS 20 features Brooks’ GuideRails technology. On the inside of the heel sits a foam insert that reduces the degree to which the foot can roll inward. On the outside sits another insert that reduces outward movement of the heel. In this fashion the GuideRails truly live up to their name: They diminish shin and heel rotation to keep the knee better aligned, in turn promoting a safer and more efficient stride.

Fits Like a Glove (But Still a Shoe)

The Glycerin GTS 20’s air mesh upper creates a secure yet comfortable fit, allowing the foot to breathe while simultaneously holding it in place. And if you prefer greater stretch and compression from your running shoe, the optional Glycerin Stealthfit GTS 20 will provide the closer-to-the-foot fit you need to find your best rhythm.

“It Keeps Me Safe When I’m Jogging at Night!”

Like any company, Brooks relies on repeat business. That means doing everything in their power to make their customers more visible to motorists. That’s why parts of the Glycerin GTS 20’s exterior feature 3M’s Scotchlite Carbon Black Retroreflective technology, as well as Run Visible fluorescent coloration. Together they provide outstanding visibility even in poorly lit environments.


The Glycerin GTS 20’s upper is made of 32.4% recycled materials, thus diverting 4.66 plastic bottles from landfills for each pair of shoes Brooks creates. Brooks’ commitment to sustainable manufacturing also includes halving their absolute scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Just as Unique as You Are

The Glycerin GTS 20 is available with classic fit or StealthFit, neutral or added support, and medium or wide width. Men’s sizes are available 7.0–15.0; women’s sizes are available 5.0–12.0.

Men’s Colors: Blue Depths/Palace Blue/Orange, Black/Black/Ebony or Ebony/White/Nightlife
Women’s Colors: Peacoat/Ocean/Pastel Lilac, Ebony/White/Nightlife or Black/White/Alloy

Our goal at Peak Performance Fitness Gear is simple: to make sure the last mile in your shoes feels just as good as the first. While the Glycerin GTS 20 certainly sets the bar high for running shoes, only our Physician Tested 5 Point Fit Process can ensure that they are perfectly suited to your unique physical and athletic needs. That’s why we welcome you to stop by our store in Sioux City, IA today, or contact us to learn more about our expansive selection of high-quality footwear, exercise equipment and athletic apparel in stock!