Some movie sequels genuinely improve upon their predecessors. While The Godfather is unquestionably a cinematic masterpiece, The Godfather Part II outclasses it on all fronts. (Although the less said about The Godfather Part III, the better.)

Other sequels simply repackage their predecessors. Watching Jaws 2 is pointless if you have already watched Jaws, and if you have seen any of the Saw movies then you have already borne witness to everything the other eight have to offer.

All of this movie talk is intended to raise a simple point: When a running shoe manufacturer introduces the 25th generation of one of its products, you might rightly wonder whether it’s the footwear equivalent of Jaws 2. Well, we are happy to announce that Asics did not set out to merely rehash a classic when they designed the Gel-Nimbus 25. The road shoe is dramatically different from any Gel-Nimbus that came before it, and a testament to the Japanese manufacturer’s long-standing commitment to innovation.


FF Blast Eco Plus Technology

Place the Gel-Nimbus 25 next to its predecessor and you’ll immediately appreciate the newer shoe’s smoother mesh knitted upper, subtler graphics, and larger midsole. No proper running shoe’s midsole is solely designed for show, of course. The Gel-Nimbus 24’s FF Blast+ cushioning is lightweight and soft, with a responsive toe-off that promotes an efficient stride. In contrast, the Gel-Nimbus 25’s midsole is made of FF Blast Eco Plus – Asics’ newest bio-based cushioning material, which simultaneously manages to weigh even less, absorb greater energy on impact, and deliver an even more energetic toe-off than FF Blast+.


PureGEL Technology

You may not be able to see Asics’ new PureGEL technology, but you are certain to feel it. The supple insert lies between the midsole and the upper, and actively absorbs a significant amount of shock energy before it can reverberate upward to the heel. That translates to softer landings, smoother transitions, and less overall strain and fatigue. We doubt whether Asics will omit PureGEL technology from any of their top-shelf running shoes for a long time to come.


AHAR Outsole Rubber

The Gel-Nimbus 25 retains its predecessor’s AHAR outsole material. This is fair, as we are uncertain whether technological advancement could ever provide a rubber-like material with a better combination of abrasion resistance and cushioning. AHAR is made of the same material as many high-end car tires, and it weighs 50% less than a conventional outsole without sacrificing excellent shock absorption.


OrthoLite X-55 Sockliner

The Gel-Nimbus 25 also brings back the OrthoLite X55 sockliner. Alongside the Gel-Nimbus 25’s stretchy knit tongue, it is the reason why many people liken the shoe’s fit to wearing a second pair of socks. The OrthoLite X55 provides outstanding support and stability whether you are standing, walking or running, and it adds a welcome sense of propulsion to every stride.


Comfortably Light

A pair of men’s size nine Gel-Nimbus 25 shoes tips the scale at 10.30 ounces. That does make the newer Gel-Nimbus slightly heavier than its predecessor – but only by an imperceptible 0.08 ounces. The Gel-Nimbus 25 ranks in the middleweight category as far as running shoes are concerned, although its large midsole’s thicker cushioning is well worth the increased rate of fatigue if you wish to avoid foot and ankle injuries during long-distance runs across conventional asphalt surfaces.


If you are already a fan of the Gel-Nimbus line of running shoes, then we expect you’ll be highly impressed by Asics’ latest offering. But if you aren’t sure whether the Gel-Nimbus 25 is ideal for your unique stride and anatomy, then we welcome you to stop by our store in Sioux City, IA today. We have the Gel-Nimbus 25 in stock, and our Physician Tested 5 Point Fit Process will ensure that your next pair of shoes is perfectly suited to your physical and athletic needs. We also welcome you to contact us today if you would like to learn more about our expansive selection of high-quality footwear, exercise equipment and athletic apparel in stock!