June 2023 marks the arrival of the Torin 7 by Altra. The Utah-based athletic footwear company’s newest shoe has retained some of its predecessors’ features, improved on others, and added a few welcome updates that help runners run farther, more comfortably, and with less strain on their feet and ankles.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make the Torin 7 Altra’s most sophisticated long-distance road shoe to date!


EGO MAX Foam Midsole

Originally introduced in the Torin 5, the EGO MAX foam midsole is lightweight, luxurious, and provides superior plush cushioning with each stride. The Torin 7 keeps the EGO MAX midsole, which enhances comfort without sacrificing the responsiveness requisite for a lively, effortless stride. The Torin 7’s midsole also extends just a little bit higher, thus cradling the foot for even greater balance and stability.


Zero-Drop Midsole

The Altra 7 is a true zero-drop athletic shoe, which keeps the forefoot and the heel at the exact same elevation. The zero-drop midsole promotes more natural movement while simultaneously strengthening the foot muscles, reducing discomfort, and improving overall balance. Perfect for neutral runners who don’t require additional support while they are training!


Increased Stack Height

The Torin 6’s 28mm stack height was not inadequate by any measure, although the Torin 7’s higher 30mm stack height does create a slightly cushier feel which makes long-distance running even more comfortable. Altra’s decision to raise the Torin 7 certainly makes sense from a business standpoint. The Paradigm, which also has a 30mm stack height, is their most popular running shoe as of May 2023.


Standard FootShape Fit

Altra’s Standard FootShape Fit creates a roomier sensation without sacrificing the support a runner needs in order to avoid injury while traversing longer distances. The Standard FootShape Fit’s toe box is a touch more spacious than usual, which provides a more natural (and almost barefooted) sensation on the trail. The Torin 7 is also available in a wide fit.


Breathable Upper

The Torin 6 truly nailed the upper, which provides superior breathability that keeps runners’ feet dry even in humid weather. Altra took the “not broke, don’t fix it” approach to the Torin 7’s upper, and therefore elected to keep its predecessor’s perfectly ventilated and comfortable jacquard knit mesh virtually unchanged.


Improved Tongue

If you ever ran in the Torin 5, then you may have wondered what the Altra team was thinking when they designed its tongue. Its rigid plastic piece apparently served no purpose other than to discomfort the wearer, and the Torin 6’s additional protective felt did little to address the problem. Fortunately Altra got the message, because the Torin 7’s soft, plush tongue is essentially imperceptible. And thanks to the Torin 7’s evolved heel collar, which is molded to provide a locked-in fit that keeps the foot optimally positioned over the midsole, a runner just might forget they are wearing shoes at all.


Wider Heel

The difference isn’t extreme, but the Torin 7’s heel is now just a pinch wider. That gives the daily training shoe noticeably greater stability, as it provides more ground coverage to correct for minute irregularities in the runner’s stride.


Flexible Outsole

The Torin 7’s outsole is clearly designed with human anatomy in mind, as it features aggressively textured ribs running parallel to each of the metatarsal and phalange bones. The durable outsole creates virtually zero resistance thanks to its impressive inner and outer flexibility that promotes a smoother flow with each stride.

The Torin 7 is available in both men’s and women’s styles. A pair of men’s size 9 shoes weighs a mere 9.9 ounces; a pair of women’s size 8 shoes weighs even less at 8.0 ounces. If you would like to try on a pair of Altra’s groundbreaking new running shoes – and ensure that they are ideally suited to your unique anatomy with the Physician Tested 5 Point Fit Process – then we welcome you to visit Peak Performance Fitness Gear in Sioux City, IA today!


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