Your sweet, delicate tootsies have been all bundled up in boots for too many months to remember. That’s why nothing is going to stop you from letting the cool, refreshing breeze run across your toes this summer! And that means only one thing: sandals. No other type of footwear is more closely tied to fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, no other type of footwear is more frequently associated with injuries, either. Sandals that don’t provide enough support to the arches, heels and ankles can cause tendonitis and sprains. Sandals that place too much pressure against the toes can cause bunion and hammertoe. And anyone who has walked a long distance in a pair of cheap flip-flops is already all too familiar with blisters.


How to Choose the Right Sandals

Do you want to spend this summer enjoying yourself instead of nursing a painful foot condition? Follow these three tips from the Peak Performance Fitness Gear team!

  1. Select the right size. Make certain your heel and toes don’t extend over the edges of the sole. That way you’ll avoid tripping and scraping your sensitive feet on the ground. On the other end, don’t pick a small sandal that will constrict your feet and cause chafing. Even if you already know your shoe size, trying on a pair of sandals in person is the only way to ensure a comfortable fit.
  2. Select the right style. Not all sandals are created equal. If you’re just lounging around the pool, a pair of simple flip-flops will serve you well enough (albeit not for very long). If your plans include any significant amount of walking, then you’ll need more arch support and cushioning to stay comfortable and avoid needlessly stressing your heels and ankles. And remember: No sandal is suitable for walking long distances or playing sports!
  3. Select the right features. Only higher-end sandals include arch support instead of flat insoles that won’t support your feet. Adjustable straps, which create a customized fit that will keep your toes more secure, are another hallmark of quality sandals. Finally, while cheap sandals may seem like a good deal, they will fall apart fairly quickly. You will ultimately save money (and avoid the inconvenience of a snapped strap) by investing a little more into your liberating summer footwear.

Examples of High-Quality Sandals

Safety, comfort and durability are all essential features for any pair of sandals to have. But to attain a coveted spot on one of our racks, a pair of sandals also has to have flair. When you want a pair of cheap, ugly sandals that will give you a blister and fall apart halfway through your family vacation, look elsewhere. But when you want the best, choose any of the sandals we currently have in stock!

OOFOS Ooriginal Sport Sandal – One look at this sandal is all it will take to make you say “Ooh!” This sandal’s Oofoam technology footbed absorbs 37% more impact than conventional footwear, and it’s contoured to perfectly cradle your foot arch while minimizing stress on your joints. The Ooriginal’s closed-cell foam composition also makes it machine washable – ooh la la!

Spenco Yumi Pure Sandal – This sandal combines a structured memory foam footbed, deep heel cup, orthotic-grade arch support and metatarsal dome to provide outstanding arch and ankle support. The Yumi Pure’s soft, synthetic and breathable upper strap helps keep sweaty feet nice and dry, and its nonslip outsole makes it safer to wear around water.

PowerStep Women’s Dress Sandals With Arch Support – Let’s forgive PowerStep for not coming up with a catchy name for their eye-catching dress sandal. And it isn’t just chic footwear. This orthotic sandal features the adjustable straps, contoured arch support, shock absorbing midsole and stabilizing heel cradle you need to keep your feet safe and comfortable.

PowerStep Women’s Sandals With Arch Support – This is PowerStep’s offering to ladies who are going a little more casual. Wear this sporty sandal and you will get more air and sun on your feet, but just as much balance and cushioning as you would from the dressier option. And we love that soft nylon webbing toe post – much appreciated if you’ve ever gotten a blister in such a sensitive area before!

Are your feet looking forward to fun in the sun? Does your immediate future include a lake? Or do you just love the summer because it lets you show off your taste in pedicures? Then come on down to Sioux City, IA and try on Peak Performance’s sandals! Or contact us today if you would like to learn more about our expansive selection of high-quality footwear, exercise equipment and athletic apparel in stock.